Bringing the natural world to life, our courses complement the study of the Biological Sciences at a range of academic levels.

We provide tailored content and advanced fieldwork equipment for students to undertake investigative sampling techniques across a range of ecosystems.

Each specification’s Required Practical Activities are the cornerstone of our courses and we craft the field-trip around them to allow students to grow in confidence in the associated Apparatus & Techniques, Practical and Mathematical Skills and the opportunity to demonstrate progression in their practical competency.

Syllabus content is strong throughout the trip and students are encouraged to make notes and draw connections between different parts of the specification. We also seek to inspire students beyond the specification through making our A-level field courses a richly rewarding experience that none will forget!

Please follow the link below to find course information that is relevant for each exam board. Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with us by visiting our Contact page.