MSc Physical Geography, PGCE Secondary Geography with QTS (University of Hull), First Aid at Work

I have always liked to understand how our world works: how rivers alter from source to mouth, how processes at the coasts work, or to be able to look at a landscape and have some idea about its formation. Every week I see articles in the news that are geography issues including coastal erosion, climate change, water quality, flooding and much more. I feel it is incredibly important to understand the world we live in so that as a society we can make informed choices. This is why I chose to teach others about the world around us.

 I studied for a Master of Physical Geography at the University of Hull, particularly enjoying my fieldtrip experiences (to experience it is to understand it!) and investigating the effects of land use on the water quality in rivers. I then trained to be a Geography teacher and spent a few years in schools before deciding that I wanted to spend more time in the outdoors. Consequently, I heard about the Cranedale Centre and haven’t looked back!

 In my free time I enjoy exploring the local area by going on long walks and by cycling.