After a challenging year for outdoor education, we are looking forward to welcoming students back to us on residential and non-residential day courses. Many thanks to all of our customers for their continued support.
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    2022DatesAvailable Places
    Midweek24th - 28th Jan 202230 places
    Weekend29th - 30th Jan 202260 places
    Midweek31st Jan - 1st Feb 202260 places
    Weekend5th - 6th Feb 202245 places
    Midweek9th - 11th Feb 202260 places
    Weekend12th-13th Feb 202260 places
    Midweek14th-18th Feb 202230 places
    Weekend19th-20th Feb 202260 places
    Midweek21st-25th Feb 202220 places
    Weekend5th-6th March 202240 places
    Midweek10th-11th March 202225 places
    Weekend18th-20th March 202260 places
    Midweek21st-22nd March 202220 places
    Weekend26th-27th March 202240 places
    Weekend2nd-3rd April 202260 places
    Midweek4th - 8th April 202230 places
    Midweek19th - 22nd April 202230 places
    Weekend23rd-24th April 202260 places
    Weekend29th April - 1st May 202230 places
    Midweek3rd-6th May 202210 places
    Weekend7th-8th May 202240 places
    Weekend14th-15th May 202260 places
    Weekend21st-22nd May 202260 places
    Weekend11th-12th June 202230 places
    Weekend18th-19th June 202230 places
    Weekend25th-26th June 202220 places
    Weekend9th-10th July 202240 places
    Weekend16th-17th July 202245 places
    Weekend23rd-24th July 202260 places
    Midweek25th-29th July 202260 places
    Weekend3rd-4th September 202220 places
    Midweek5th-7th September 202260 places
    Midweek12th-14th September 202220 places
    Midweek14th-16th September 202215 places
    Weekend24th-25th September 202230 places
    Weekend1st-2nd October 202260 places
    Weekend8th-9th October 202260 places
    Weekend5th-6th November 202260 places
    Midweek7th-11th November 202260 places
    Weekend12th-13th November 202245 places
    Midweek14th-18th November 202250 places
    Weekend19th-20th November 202260 places
    Midweek21st-25th November 202240 places

    Cranedale Centre, Kirby Grindalythe
    Malton, North Yorkshire YO17 8DB

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    Cranedale Centre, Kirby Grindalythe
    Malton, North Yorkshire YO17 8DB

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    Registered Charity No. 1087766
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