“I was really impressed with the skills-based approach to Geography fieldwork provided at Cranedale following the changes to fieldwork requirements during reform. Taking this approach from the start means that the quality of what is offered at Cranedale really aligns with our suggested best practice and both teachers and students will receive a really high quality experience as a result”. – Stacey Hill, Head of Curriculum Geography at AQA

We provide tailored teaching using advanced fieldwork techniques and equipment for students undertaking geographical investigations in a wide variety of environments.

All fieldwork days follow a clear route to enquiry providing high quality skills training in the investigative procedure needed to complete fieldwork exams and/or the A Level Non Examined Assessment.

Bringing the curriculum to life, we feel our courses enhance the study of Geography at a range of academic levels.

Please follow the link below to find course information that is relevant for each exam board. Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with us by visiting our Contact page.