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The Cranedale Centre is a residential fieldstudies centre providing high quality, academic, fieldcourses for British and overseas students.

Environmental Education - Cranedale

The Centre, established in 1983, has hosted fieldcourses for thousands of students since its inception and offers a comprehensive selection of courses in geography, biology/science, geology, environmental studies and outdoor education for students of all ages. Academic fieldwork courses, following exam board and NC specifications, are individually tailored for A level / GCSE and KS 3 students and an exciting selection of environmental studies topics are also available for tailoring courses to KS2 requirements.

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Environmental Education - Cranedale

Cranedale Centre is an established leader in UK fieldwork offering its customers very high quality fieldcourses and facilities. Flexibility, superb organisation and attention to customer requirements are qualities which set the Cranedale Centre apart from others ‘in the field’ offering only fixed duration courses with standardised study programmes.

As part of our policy of continually monitoring and reviewing our performance we ask our customers to evaluate their courses. This is how visiting teachers rated the Centre over the past three years.

Tuition95.6% said very good or excellent
Course Planning97.9% said very good or excellent
Quality of meals95.0% said very good or excellent
Fieldwork Safety99.4% said very good or excellent
Students’ Level of Progress95.8% said very good or excellent
Value for Money92.0% said very good or excellent

  • Thank you so much for a fantastic time - as always. Brilliant course work, fantastic staff and wonderful facilities. Many thanks again.

    Judith Pressley,

  • Another excellent visit. A big thankyou to all the staff involved in helping our stay to be enjoyable, fun and educational. You all have so much to be very proud of. It is an absolute pleasure to stay at Cranedale.

    Toby Myers.
    Springwood High School

  • I have been very impressed indeed with all aspects of the Cranedale Centre and its staff. I would certainly use it again and highly recommend it to colleagues. Thankyou.

    Neil Rhodes.
    Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

  • Another excellent stay at Cranedale, excellent tuition well fed and comfortable.

    Garforth Academy

  • Im so pleased we chose Cranedale to lead on our fieldwork this year. It was an experience that I just dont think we ourselves could offer in terms of the breadth and depth of study in the short time available. The tutors were excellent - supportive, passionate and friendly; many thanks for providing a really meaningful and engaging fieldwork opportunity! 

    David Sladen,
    Sherburn High School

  • Excellent centre, excellent food, excellent staff.

    Scott Walker,
    Rodillian Academy

  • Environmental Education - Cranedale
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